Title Jason Bourne (2016) Client Useful / Universal Pictures

  1. On-set screen design


    Working for 3 months in advance of shooting we delevoped the look and feel for a series of animations spread across multiple sets.


    Throughout the process we made evolving iterations with each new script release, we created a kit of parts in order to be able to play them back on-set for each scene.


    Paul Greengrass is known for his documently style and long takes, and it was a great thrill to be involved in these scenes triggering the animations live, as the actors responded to the content.


    Sets included the main CIA Hub and headquaters, cyber division, a hackers camp and various devices.

    Athens CIA agent tracking scene

  2. Hacking defence screen

  3. hacking defence response

  4. Facial recognition and scanning scene

  5. Intel search database

  6. Hotel plant room monitoring

  7. Hotel CCTV maps

  8. Hotel lift system monitoring