Title MMM Logo Animation Client Gleam Futures

  1. Logo Animation


    Logo animation for Mail Metro Media. The brief was to create a 3D version of the multicoloured ribbon icon that would evolve in an interesting way to reveal their master brandmark.



    As part of the process two different options were pitched. The first idea was to build the logo on as a flying tube or ribbon. The second concept was to set the logo in an environment for the camera to move around before pulling back to complete the final reveal. The client decided to go with option 2.

    Duration: 00:11"

  2. Storyboards & Styleframes

    Option 1: Flying Ribbon

    The 3D band flies in from behind the camera. Lots of depth of field. We follow the movement of the ribbon as it dodges, weaves and loops back on itself. The band eventually flies into place forming the 2D logo as it settles into its final position.

  3. Option 2: Static Sculpture

    The logo sits on the floor, the floor has a reflection and the logo casts shadows. Slow cameras gently move across close-ups of the logo. Editing between the shots. A fast zoom out and we transition into the 2D lock-up.