Title Nimona (2023) Client Dneg Animation

  1. FUI & Screen Graphics

    The Institute
    Working alongside Dneg Animation and Shapeshifter Films, I was responsible for creating the look and feel for the screens used by The Institute. This included developing a graphic language, a set of UI Icons, interface elements and UI framework.

    Gadgets, devices and screens
    Assets included surveillance face tracking screens, CCTV and control room monitoring screens, train and subway monitors, large screen arrays, drone HUD displays, prison keypad, KTV Town Crier holoscreens, posters and banners.

    Other tasks included placement and positioning of holograms throughout the Kingdom.

  2. Prison Keypad

  3. Prison keypad glitch mode

  4. Town Crier Holo Screens

  5. Town Crier / Monster Alert

  6. The Directors Multiscreen

  7. The Institute Control Room Screens

    Main and operators screens

  8. Facial Recognition Screen 1

  9. Facial Recognition Screen 2

  10. Facial Recognition Screen 3

  11. Control Room Main Screen

  12. Transport Mapping Screens

  13. Drone HUD POV Screens