Title Prometheus (2012) Client 20th Century Fox Films

  1. UI Design & Animation


    Working with a small team of independent designers I created motion graphics/UI for various sets in the film Prometheus. Animations were played back live and deliverables included content for navigational screens, geographical, displays for gadgets, stats monitoring, social screens and wearables.

    The designs needed to echo Ron Cobb's work on Alien, while at the same time visualising the future. Briefings from Ridley Scott's art directors included works of photography, paintings, textures and infographics.


    Set: Prometheus Bridge

  2. Set: Prometheus Bridge

  3. Film Still Frame

  4. Set: Prometheus Bridge

  5. Film Still Frame

  6. Set: Prometheus Holo Table

  7. Set: Prometheus Holo Table

  8. Set: Captains Console

  9. Set: Captains Console

  10. Set: Helmet Data Displays

  11. Prop: Helmet Data Displays

  12. Set: Helmet Data Displays