Paul Roberts / Direction & Motion Design

Welcome to the portfolio of Paul Roberts; collaborative design, animation and direction from London

  1. Motion Graphics Showreel 2014

    Client Various

    Description Reel

  2. 808 Title Sequence

    Client You Know Films

    Description Title sequence and in program graphics package.

  3. 4Mat Showreel

    Client 4Mat

    Description Animated portfolio for this digital agency

  4. Autostone Investor Film

    Client Leaf Films

    Description Animated film to promote investors for this automotive repair company

  5. Microsoft Product Films

    Client Mirum Agency/Microsoft

    Description Art direction for Microsoft Lumia phones

  6. Adidas Ultraboost

    Client Bisqit/Adidas

    Description Launch animation for a new running shoe from Adidas

  7. Metallica Tour Intro

    Client Marcus Lyall

    Description Logo animation for Metallica's 2014 tour

  8. YouView Commercial

    Client BT TV

    Description 40 second animated commercial promoting YouView on BT

  9. The Place To Be

    Client BT Vision

    Description Animated promo for BT Vision's TV package.

  10. Art Market Review

    Client You Know Ltd

    Description Graphics Package

  11. Prometheus (2012)

    Client 20th Century Fox Films

    Description UI Screen Graphics

  12. World War Z (2013)

    Client Useful Companies/Paramount Pictures

    Description On-Set Screen Graphics

  13. BBC Twenty Twelve

    Client Biped Pictures / BBC

    Description Animated fly-through illustrating the different areas of the website and its associated apps and channels

  14. Kids Logo Development

    Client DixonBaxi

    Description Brand identity for Fremantle Kids

  15. BBC Website Explainer Video

    Client Biped Pictures / BBC Advertising

    Description Promo introducing and explaining the new look BBC News website

  16. Connecting The Story

    Client Biped Pictures / BBC Advertising

    Description Motion graphics promo highlighting the different ways in which people consume BBC news.

  17. ZTV Channel Rebrand Package

    Client Viasat

    Description Channel branding package for Sweden's music video channel

  18. ZTV Music Block Idents

    Client Viasat

    Description Design and animation for a series of music block idents

  19. Hovercraft Pirates

    Client You Know / Jagermeister

    Description Music video for the Punk Pop band Hovercraft Pirates

  20. UEFA Football Ident

    Client Channel Five

    Description Channel Five football ident for the UEFA Europa League

  21. NSPCC Handscape

    Client Nexus Productions / Saatchi & Saatchi / NSPCC

    Description Animated commercial with a positive anti-smacking message

  22. Biped Pictures Identity

    Client Biped Pictures

    Description Logo identity

  23. Thunderbirds (2004)

    Client Useful Companies/Universal

    Description On-Set Screen Graphics

  24. Various Logos

    Client Various

    Description A collection of various logos

  25. Man On Wire (2008)

    Client Clarke Associates/Discovery Films

    Description Animated Maps

  26. Tomb Raider (2003)

    Client Useful Companies/Paramount Pictures

    Description On-Set Screen Graphics

  27. This Charming Man

    Client None

    Description An animated video tribute celebrating the life of Adam Lambert, 1976-2011.

  28. Mark & Julie's Wedding Invites

    Client Team M&J

    Description Animated wedding invites

  29. Peppy

    Client Peppy The Dog

    Description Animated 3D ident for Peppy

  30. Dansette Junior

    Client Sony Music / Columbia Records

    Description Band Identity / Sleeve Designs

  31. Wonderland

    Client None

    Description Animated Winter Landscape

  32. 99 Frames Social Animation Project

    Client None

    Description Entry for the 99 Frames Social Animation Project.

  33. e4 Sting

    Client E4/Channel 4

    Description 5 second logo animation

  34. Windscale Graphics Package

    Client Clarke Associates/BBC Two

    Description In-program animated sequences

  35. Headmasters 2009

    Client You Know Ltd

    Description Logo animation and brand film

  36. Dublin Super Cup

    Client Bruce Dunlop Associates

    Description Promo for the Dublin Super Cup 2011.

  37. Trendvision

    Client Knifedge/Jack Morton/P&G

    Description Live event visuals

  38. FHM's 100 Sexiest Women

    Client Bauer Media/FHM

    Description Interactive Video

  39. Real Cities

    Client Clarke Associates/BBC Worldwide

    Description Title sequence

  40. NickToons Promo

    Client Nickelodeon

    Description Animated Christmas Promo

  41. Dream Jobs

    Client Technicolor/Disney Channel

    Description Opening title sequence

  42. Fairly Odd Parents

    Client Nickelodeon

    Description Daft animated promo inviting kids to submit photos of their parents behaving strangely

  43. Merry Christmas 2012

    Client None

    Description A merry christmas collaboration with sound designer Danca.

  44. Diesel Loverdose

    Client You Know/Diesel

    Description Brand films